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Month: September 2021

What are regional areas and which postcodes are included?

Posted by Aussie Education on September 13, 2021
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Its often quiet complex and confusing when you think about 491 visa or other regional visas or decision about studying from regional Australia to know which areas are classified as regional Australia. What postcodes are included, where can i get all these information etc etc? Most locations of Australia outside major cities (Sydney, Melbourne andĀ Brisbane) are classed as designated regional areas for migration purposes. Contact our migration team now for regional visa options or our education team to explore options for regional studies.

Commercial Cookery course now only $639.00 per Month

Posted by Aussie Education on September 8, 2021
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Once you complete this course and CHEF as an occupation is there in MLTSSL list then you will apply for PSA, leading to 485 visa, leading to JRP program for 12 months in order to get positive skills assessment as CHEF which will make you eligible to apply for GSM visas.