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United States Facts

The USA or the United States of America is the second largest country on the North American continent – after Canada.

The U.S. (United States) are a union of states. Of the 50 states of the USA, 49 are located on the American mainland and one state, Hawaii, is located in the South Pacific Ocean.

The USA is country on the North American continent that consists of 50 states, a federal district (District of Columbia) and 14 territories.

The motto of the USA is ‘In God We Trust’.

The anthem of the USA is called ‘Star-Spangled banner’ and the lyrics are based on a poem by Francis Scott Key in 1814. Find the full lyrics here.

Other national symbols of the USA include:
National animal: American Bison
National tree: Oak Tree
National bird: Bald Eagle
National Flower: Rose

The capital city of the USA is called Washington D.C. D.C. stands for District of Columbia. Washington D.C. has about 7.5 million inhabitants.
(Beware: Washington is also the name of an U.S. state in northwestern USA. The capital city of Washington State is Olympia.)

The USA shares land borders with Canada and with Mexico. The border shared with Canada is the longest international border in the world. It is 8,891 km/ 5,525 miles long. The other international border of the USA with Mexico is 3,145 km/ 1,954 miles long. The USA borders the Atlantic Ocean along the East Coast and the Pacific Ocean along the West Coast.

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