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Looking to study in Canada – Canada announces two-year cap on new study permits

Posted by Satya Shukla on January 22, 2024
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Canada will establish a cap on the number of new study permits issued to international students. The cap will be in effect for 2024 and 2025, and is described as a temporary measure. Canadian immigration officials anticipate that the cap will result in a 35% reduction in the number of new study permits issued in 2024, compared to 2023 levels. In addition to the cap, the government also announced today that as of 1 September 2024, students enrolled in programmes delivered via public-private partnerships will no longer be eligible for post-graduate work permits. The government will also move to limit open work permits available to spouses of international students. However, post-graduate work rights will be expanded for students completing graduate studies in Canada, with such students soon being able to apply for a three-year post-graduate work permit