Commercial Cookery course now only $639.00 per Month

Commercial Cookery course now only $639.00 per Month

Looking for future as well as migration possibilities for future in hospitality industry?

We are offering 2 years Commercial cookery course combined with diploma in hospitality for only $639.00 per month. As of now, occupation attached with this course outcome is CHEF, which is in MTLSSL list. Occupations which are in MLTSSL list are eligible for 18 months Graduate work stream 485 visa at end of the course. Once you complete this course and CHEF as an occupation is there in MLTSSL list then you will apply for PSA, leading to 485 visa, leading to JRP program for 12 months in order to get positive skills assessment as CHEF which will make you eligible to apply for GSM visas.

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Posted by Aussie Education on September 8, 2021

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