State Nomination opening for South Australia on 8th Feb 2021 – Get ready

State Nomination opening for South Australia on 8th Feb 2021 – Get ready

South Australia is opening up state nomination opportunity from 08:00AM on 08th Feb 2021 onward. If you are looking forward to settling down in Australia then explore all possible options available. Skilled migrants have the opportunity to apply for a permanent or provisional state nominated visa depending on their occupation and situation.

Skilled Nominated visa -Subclass 190

To apply for this visa you must be under the age of 45 at the time of nomination, have a valid skills assessment and an occupation listed on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa -Subclass 491

To apply for this visa you must be under the age of 45 at the time of nomination, have a valid skills assessment and an occupation listed on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.
Below is a detailed list of all state nomination requirements.

1. Residency Requirements 

1.1  State nomination is provided to meet the State’s skills needs and is granted based on the applicant’s genuine interest and intention to live and work in South Australia. In submitting your application you are indicating that you intend to live and work in South Australia with a view to long-term settlement.

1.2  If you are in Australia but not currently residing in South Australia, you are ineligible to apply for state nomination.

1.3  If you are currently residing offshore, you are ineligible to apply for state nomination.

2. Age 

You must be under age 45 at time of nomination.

3. Occupation 

You must have an occupation on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List and meet the eligibility requirements for that occupation.

4. Skills Assessment 

4.1  You must have a valid and positive General Skilled Migration skills assessment from the relevant authority. Skills assessments must be for your nominated occupation. Refer to the Department of Home Affairs for more information on skills assessments.

4.2  Skills assessments must have been issued within the last three years or if the skills assessing authority has specified a shorter validity period, the skills assessment is only valid until that specified date. The skills assessment must be valid at time of nomination decision.

5. Work experience 

5.1  You must meet work experience requirement listed for your occupation.

5.2  Skilled work experience must be undertaken post-course completion and is defined as a minimum of 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight of paid employment in your nominated or closely related occupation (some concessions apply if you are currently working in outer regional South  Australia, or you are a long-term resident of South Australia, or for specified occupations). Applicants already working in South Australia and South Australian graduates may be eligible for exemptions or waivers to the work experience requirement, as specified in the occupation requirements.

5.3  The position must be paid at the appropriate rate for the skill level.

6. English

6.1  You must meet minimum English language requirement listed for your occupation. Refer to the Department of Home Affairs for more information on English tests.

6.2  Some skills assessing authorities may have higher English language requirements that you will be required to meet. Please check with your skills assessing authority prior to applying.

6.3  If your occupation requires registration or licensing in South Australia, you will need to ensure you meet the English requirement set by the registration or licensing authority to work in South Australia. Occupations with registration requirements include trades, education and health professions. If higher English requirements are listed for your occupation on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List, you do not need to meet the higher requirement if you are currently registered to practice in South Australia.

6.4  If you are a passport holder or citizen of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or New Zealand, you do not need to provide an English test result.

7. Points

7.1  You must meet minimum points requirement listed for your occupation (including state nomination points).

7.2  You will need to ensure you meet all Department of Home Affairs requirements and have documented evidence to support your points claim.

8.Priority Streams

9. Important Information

SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI)

9.1  For South Australia to approve your nomination in SkillSelect you need to have an EOI which meets the Department of Home Affairs criteria and South Australia’s requirements.

9.2  Your EOI ID number must be recorded correctly, otherwise we will be unable to locate you in SkillSelect and your state nomination application will be refused.

9.3  Your nominated occupation in your EOI must match your nominated occupation on your South Australian online application.

9.4  Your personal details in your EOI must be the same as your South Australian online application. Any discrepancies will result in nomination refusal.

9.5  Any information edited in your EOI, that had not been provided/included at time of submission of your state nomination application and affects your points, will not be accepted.

9.6  If you have made an error in your EOI prior to South Australia’s decision being made, you will need to edit your EOI details & send an email to advise you have amended the EOI. If you are nominated by South Australia, the EOI is frozen and cannot be edited.

9.7  It is preferred that applicants choose ‘South Australia’ only as their nominating state, but applicants selecting ‘ANY’ state or territory or multiple states and territories will be considered for nomination, providing South Australia is one of those selected states.

9.8  If you are refused for any of the above reasons you can re-apply for state nomination provided you meet all state nomination requirements at time of the new application.


9.9  Please read the applications terms and conditions, the nomination requirements above and the document checklist before applying for state nomination. You will be required to acknowledge the terms and conditions as part of your application.

9.10  Nomination is entirely at the discretion of the Government of South Australia. Meeting the minimum published requirements does not guarantee nomination by South Australia, nor nomination for a particular subclass. In assessing your application or Expression of Interest Skilled and Business Migration will consider each application on its merits and the broader to benefit to South Australia.

9.11  South Australia reserves the right to offer a 491 provisional visa for applicants otherwise ostensibly eligible for a 190 visa nomination.

9.12  Additional documentation after submission of your application will not be accepted, unless requested.

9.13  South Australia will only provide one nomination per applicant, per visa subclass, per program year on a discretionary basis.

9.14  Provisional 489 or 491 visa holders are not eligible to apply for South Australian state nomination.

Visa subclass and occupation eligibility requirements

9.15  Both 190 and 491 visa nominations are subject to a limited quota each program year. South Australia reserves the right to revise nomination eligibility requirements for these visa subclasses without notice.

9.16  Occupations available for state-nomination are subject to a quota. South Australia reserves the right to close or revise eligibility for any occupation without notice.

9.17  South Australia reserves the right to ask applicants to withdraw their application, or refuse an application due to changed eligibility criteria.

9.18  Published requirements are only an indicative guide to nomination eligibility and applicants are not guaranteed to receive nomination even if they meet the published requirements.

9.19  Published 190 visa nomination requirements are only an indicative guide to 190 nomination eligibility and applicants are not guaranteed to receive a 190 nomination even if they meet the published requirements. In most circumstances, where an applicant meets 190 nomination criteria but South Australia is unable to offer a 190 nomination at that time, the applicant may be offered a 491 nomination instead.

9.20  South Australia’s eligibility requirements may change, subject to the direction of the Commonwealth Government.

Employment opportunities

9.21  It is your responsibility to undertake first-hand, thorough and meaningful research on South Australia including: lifestyle, cost of living, education and employment opportunities.

9.22  You are expected to have sufficient funds for settlement when you arrive in South Australia to support yourself and your family.

9.23  You are expected to understand the job opportunities in South Australia and any training, licensing or registration requirements specific to your occupation. State nomination does not guarantee employment, nor is it a job offer. It is your responsibility to research job opportunities, utilise a variety of job search strategies and secure employment. You are encouraged to consider employment opportunities across South Australia.


Contact our migration team now to explore future in South Australia for SC 190 or SC 491 Visa options along with other Business visa options available. Looking to settle down in Australia then be proactive and get your documents in place for any and all opportunity.

Satya Shukla ( Registered Migration Agent – MARN: 2013945)


Posted by Satya Shukla on February 5, 2021

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